Time & Attendance

PowerForce Software does not provide time clock hardware, instead integrating the time collection with the time clock vendor of your choice.

And, whilst time clock manufacturers will have you believe that they are award interpreters and HR companies by virtue of collecting start & finish times, we can argue that this is not the case.

The marketplace is over-crowded with time clock vendors, therefore PowerForce has the approach that you the customer can resource the best time collection devices required, and PowerForce will integrate them into your PowerForce application.

PowerForce has integrated to biometric devices, PC based devices as well as POS systems used in the hospitality industry. The following vendors are integrated to PowerForce:

  • Biometric Innovations
  • BRS Systems
  • Daelibs (PC based)
  • Sagem MorphoAccess
  • TimeMinder
  • Quest (POS)

Time & attendance systems offer you the following benefits:

  • Reduction of payroll preparation time
  • Eliminate paper based time sheets
  • Eliminate inadvertent time theft
  • Improved payroll accuracy by 2-5%
  • Avoiding time sheet errors.
  • Improved labour management
  • More timely and accurate data.
  • Up-to-minute information on labour costs
  • Reducing avoidable overtime
  • An accurate picture of employee trends

Time and attendance systems are a core feature of many HR departments, but changes in the industry are afoot and emerging technologies are being applied to the practice - read Article in full.