PowerForce payroll is another integrated module in the suite of available functions, which translates in you running all your workforce requirements from one application. That's one helpdesk phone call for assistance on every module, vs what you might have to put up with now.

The mark of a successful business is one that can work cooperatively with its competitors, and that's exactly what we do with other payroll providers. Whilst we would tell you that our payroll is as good as anything on the market, we realise that many customers have an investment in existing payroll systems. So we allow you to switch the PowerForce payroll off, and use the rest of PowerForce to run your business, whilst continuing to process payroll on your existing systems.

We have interfaces to the following payroll providers & if your payroll is not on the list, we are open to develop an interface for you.

  • MicroPay
  • Neller
  • WageEasy
  • ADP
  • AussiePay
  • Chris21

Key PowerForce Payroll capabilities include:

  • Multi Company payroll processing
  • Wizards for running the payroll
  • Sophisticated Award Interpreter
  • Award, Workplace & Enterprise Agreements
  • Wage and Salaried Staff
  • Employee based deductions & allowances
  • Reducing balance deductions for payments
  • Pay rate Over-rides
  • Auto pay, supporting unlimited employee bank accounts
  • Unlimited Pay rates and Scales
  • Electronic payment of payroll to multiple Bank EFT Deposits
  • Prints Detailed & Summary pay advices
  • Extensive payroll reports
  • Electronic Lodgment of Group Certificates
  • Superannuation Guarantee payments
  • General Ledger Dissection and Posting Journals, exporting the data to your General Ledger application
  • Manage leave & accrued balance
  • Less expensive than the competition


If you're seriously looking to change payroll systems, you will find the cost of all of the PowerForce modules to be less than the price our competitors charge just for their payroll.